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Pjpants from Sweden

Hydrophobic material at waist and ankles, superabsorbent material in critical areas.

  • An outer waterproof and soft layer that breathes.
  • An inner material that is soft and smooth on the inside and can absorb fluid. Made with capillary breaking properties.

Feedback from our customers:

“A great help when staying the night with friends”

“We’ve dealt with changing sheets, showers etc. for 1,5 years. As a family, this has been perfect for us and excellent when traveling!”

“Both parents and child think it has been a completely amazing time to have these pants”

”We use them every night. She calls them her cozy pants”

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Waterproof Reusable Pants (815) Discreet Protection for Mens or Women. (Medium 26-34)

Customer Review

I buy a 32 inch waist trousers and jeans and they fit me fine. These 26-34 inch pants should have been a good size for me but were ridiculously large and balloon shaped! There was so much spare material that it had to be bunched to get my trousers over them. Anyone looking at my trousers could immediately see I was wearing either a nappy or a huge pad!! These pants are anything BUT discreet. There is no way I shall wear them again. Far too embarrassing! Total waste of money. They would only be fit for purpose if worn under trousers two sizes larger than normally worn, and even then it is likely that people would still notice that you were wearing voluminous underwear. The fit around my legs was OK so they would probably stop liquid from getting through to trousers.